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Local opportunities

Are you considering a degree in Business Administration but are uncertain about what career opportunities await you? A Business Administration major can lead to employment in multiple industries and sectors, including but not limited to retail, government, education, and private equity.

Career Options

Career Options

A bridge to the professional world

Preparing You for Your Dream Job

International opportunities

MSB provides you with the opportunity to broaden your horizons by developing your global business perspetives and immersing yourself in a new culture.

MSB Students

MSB Students

International students

International students

Taking courses at MSB

In addition to the regular Licence in Business Administration curriculum, international students have the opportunity to take courses at MSB in various thematic areas specific to the MENA region.

Student Exchange Programs

MSB student Exchange Programs are a unique opportunity for local and international students to swap places for one to two semesters. To this date, MSB has organized Exchange Programs with:

  • The University of Maryland.
  • University of Texas at El Paso.
  • George Mason University.

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