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Experience an MBA course 2016

Experience an MBA course 2016
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Special thanks to the companies who have made it to the annual SMU Career Fair

On behalf of all of the South Mediterranean University’s institutions, we would like to offer our special thanks to the participants who made the SMU Career Fair happen on the 28th of October on MSB-MedTech Campus.

Special thanks to Ernst & Young, PwC, BNP Parisbas, CORP (AHK), ODDO, UNILEVER and USAID.

SMU would also like to thank the participating startups Care Ways, Evey, Kazafix, MASS Analytics, Vynd, as well as associations such as Moovjee and AIESEC who has participated in the space dedicated to Entrepreneurship.

Special thanks to guest speakers who animated the workshops of the day: the "Employability" Workshop moderated by Mr. Alec Hansen, President of the Economic Competitiveness Group, who benefited from the intervention of Mr. Youssef Fennira, CORP (Orientation and Professional Conversion Center) / AHK), Mr. Walid Bel Hadj Amor, Deputy General Director of Comete Engineering and Vice President of the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (IACE) and Mr. Noah Viavant, Strategic Advisor in the Business Reform and Competitiveness Project (BRCP) / USAID), as well as the "Proofreading" workshop, hosted by Ms. Boutheina Lassaadi, Senior Expert at BRCP / USAID.